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  • A = size options - measurement = outside diameter of the cap where at entry to the hub.
  • Screw in Cap options
  • Sold individually


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SKU: TE190161
Diameter: 1 3/4"
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SKU: TE190162
Diameter: 47mm
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SKU: TE190163
Diameter: 50mm
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SKU: TE190164
Diameter: 52mm
Stock due 26/07/2024.
SKU: TE190165
Diameter: 2.328"
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SKU: TE190166
Diameter: 62mm
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SKU: TE190168
Diameter: 2.50"
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SKU: TE190169
Diameter: 72mm
Stock due 26/07/2024.
SKU: TE190171
Diameter: 3.00"
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SKU: TE190173
Diameter: 80mm
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SKU: TE190174
Diameter: 85mm
Stock due 27/09/2024.
SKU: TE190175
Diameter: 90mm
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SKU: TE190176
Diameter: 100mm
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SKU: TE192KU19 runout low stock
Diameter: 2.875"
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CM Wheel Bearing - Dust Caps
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