This all aluminum replacement Master Cylinder Assembly works with all UFP Hydraulic Drum Brake Actuators including the UFP A-60, A-70, C-70, A-75, A-84 & A-160.  A Trailer Master Cylinder is a hydraulic device inside the trailer brake actuator that supplies brake fluid under pressure to the trailers brakes in proportion to an input force.

  • Aluminum master cylinder is desinged for use in the marine environment.
  • Sealed master cylinder reservoir
  • Diaphragm barrier inhibits moisture from entering the reservoir to contaminate brake fluid and corrode brake components.
  • Brake fluid cannot escape from the reservoir and damage the trailers paint
  • The reservoir cap is recessed to prevent damage.
  • Compatible with UFP Drum Brake Actuators

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UFP Coupling - Brake Actuator Master Cylinder Drum Brakes
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