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  • Replacement parts 1750kg capacity
  • Dacromet coated rotor
  • Wheel studs and nuts included
  • Stub axle size 45mm diameter
  • Caliper Mount Options
  • Inner bearing L68149/10
  • Outer bearing LM12749/10
  • Slotted nut 3/4"UNF
  • Please nominate the wheel stud pcd required for the hub when ordering



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SKU: TE192215 NLA
Brake Spare Parts: 1a) Axle Single Caliper Mount - Trigg/CM Viper
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SKU: TE192215-D
Brake Spare Parts: 1b) Axle Double Caliper Mount - Trigg/CM Viper
NZD$262.37Add to Cart
SKU: TE190145
Brake Spare Parts: 3a) Seal - Marine 3 Lip
NZD$68.14Add to Cart
SKU: TE190146
Brake Spare Parts: 3b) Seal - Road 2 Lip
NZD$62.39Add to Cart
SKU: TE190189-23
Brake Spare Parts: 4) Bearing Assembly - Inner
NZD$92.00Add to Cart
SKU: TE192237
Brake Spare Parts: 5) Rotor Hub - Solid
NZD$237.42Add to Cart
SKU: TE190189-22
Brake Spare Parts: 6) Bearing Assembly - Outer
NZD$80.67Add to Cart
SKU: TE190178
Brake Spare Parts: 7) Axle Slotted UNF Nut
NZD$57.85Add to Cart
SKU: TE190190-08
Brake Spare Parts: 8) Washer - Axle Nut
NZD$53.30Add to Cart
SKU: TE190190-01
Brake Spare Parts: 9) Split Pin
NZD$53.30Add to Cart
SKU: TE190161
Brake Spare Parts: 10) Dust Cap
NZD$56.75Add to Cart
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Trigg Hyd Disc Brake Parts - 1750kg - 1 Piece Solid Rotor
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