Trailer Electric Drum Brake - Trailer Mounted

Australia's cheapest, no frills electric brake controller.

Mount under dash or on the trailer. Just 4 wires to connect.

BLACK WIRE - Connect to Battery via 20 amp fuse 
RED WIRE - Connect to brake lamp active. 
BLUE WIRE - Connect to brakes - positive. 
WHITE WIRE - Connect to brake lamp negative - negative.

  • Not recommended if you really need to stop

The brake controller is activated by the driver from his normal seating position when he brakes.

The brake controller is wired directly to the battery and directly to the brake lights. When the brake lights are activated, a contactor within the brake controller closes and allows current to flow directly to the brakes at a pre determined voltage.

The knob on the brake controller must be preset according to the trailers weight. Most trailers carry the same weight daily. Example, builders trailer, car carriers, pop tops, RV, etc

The more the trailer is loaded, just turn the knob to a higher voltage before you commence your trip. If weight is removed then turn the voltage down before you commence your trip.

Multi vehicles without brake controllers can tow trailers with trailer-mounted brake controllers.

No longer do you  need multiple brake controllers in all vehicles to tow the same trailer.

Note: We recommend that a licensed repair facility install Brake Controllers. Some buyers return the unit claiming that it is not working. In most instances a blown diode is the cause of this unit not working. Crossed wires cause diodes to blow. There is no warranty claim in this instance.


(including GST): NZD$325.57

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Pre-order only. Delivery time is 6-9 weeks.


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Trailer Mounted - Couplemate Electric Brake Controller
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