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REDARC has released an Encapsulated Power Diode (EPDK-001). It is rated at 7 Amps for both 12 and 24V applications. It is totally encapsulated with sealed connections for superior weather protection

The EPDK-001 has been designed to fit in the Trailer Stop Lamp feed to support the installation of Tow-Pro Electric Brake Controllers on vehicles where ‘back-feed’ of 12V (during Tow-Pro Manual Override) may interfere with the vehicle systems. When installed correctly, the EPDK-001 ensures correct Trailer braking and Stop Lamp operation when the vehicle brakes or the Tow-Pro Manual Override is used.

It supports 12V and 24V applications capable of supporting a maximum continuous current of 7 Amps at a maximum ambient temperature of 85C.

Installation instructions can be downloaded here


(including GST): NZD$64.06

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Redarc - Encapsulated Power Diode - 7A
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