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With a smart slimline design, the BL170 series are robust multifunction lamps that can be mounted in areas where space is limited. The lamps use
Varivolt® 10-30V circuit technology and incorporate stop, tail, indicator, reflector. The high output SMD LED
technology together with the smart optic design enables these lamps to comply with all the above functions with their slimline dimensions.
Excellent for trailers / utilities and commercial / industrial applications.
  • 200x50x25mm high
  • Functions Stop/Tail/Indicator/Reflector
  • Voltage 10-32V DC Varivolt TM
  • Current @ 12V DC Stop: 2W Tail: 0.5W Indicator: 2W
  • Mounting Surface mount, sealed studs
  • Lens Material Polycarbonate
  • Environmental Protection IP68
  • Cable Length 0.3M
  • Applications Trailers - Boat Trailers - Caravans - Light Trucks
  • Compliance ADR Compliant Functions
  • Stop & Tail: 49/00 Indicator: 6/00 Reflector: 47/00
  • Size - 190mm x 49mm x 28mm deep


(including GST): NZD$109.65

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CM LED Tail Lamp Kit - Combo BL170 MV - Slimline
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