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  • High Strength Polyurethane -
  • Self lubricating.
  • Especially suitable for Heavy Fibreglass Boats.


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SKU: 60.09200
Colour: Red
Core Diameter: 64mm
End Diameter: 86.5mm
Pin Size: 16mm
Roller Length: 71mm
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SKU: 60.03105
Colour: Black
Core Diameter: 39mm
End Diameter: 61.5mm
Pin Size: 16mm
Roller Length: 140mm
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SKU: 60.03108
Colour: Red
Core Diameter: 44.5mm
End Diameter: 70mm
Pin Size: 16mm
Roller Length: 198mm
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SKU: 60.03112
Colour: Red
Core Diameter: 54.5mm
End Diameter: 79mm
Pin Size: 19mm
Roller Length: 298mm
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[60 03100]

KEEL ROLLER Concave Euroglide
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