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All CM Trailer Axles are manufactured using Rolled Hollow Section tube (RHS) and this offers many advantages over solid beam axles. They are as strong as solid beams, lighter in weight and can be Galvanised at an economical price.

The nominated Axle load is the total weight of both the trailer and the load carried.

  • 190mm diameter hub
  • Axle 65mm x 65mm x 6mm RHS.
  • You need to supply the Dimensions A & B shown in the drawing below.
  • We also need the following information with your order
    • The Outside width of the Chassis?
    • Are the Springs mounted Under or Over the Axle
    • Box Section size (50x50mm or 65x65mm)
    • Stud Pattern

CM Trailer Parts - Axle Measurements

Current estimates are approximately 3 weeks for delivery for the Black and DuraGalv Axles and 7-8 weeks for Hot Dip Galvanising

From (including GST): NZD$1,020.91

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SKU: TE3AB2000B2.2U-12G69
Finish: Bare Metal Under 2.2M
NZD$1,020.91Add to Cart
SKU: TE3AB2000B2.2O-12G69
Finish: Bare Metal Over 2.2M
NZD$1,092.50Add to Cart
SKU: TE3AB2000P2.2U-12G69
Finish: Painted Under 2.2M
NZD$1,082.32Add to Cart
SKU: TE3AB2000P2.2O-12G69
Finish: Painted Over 2.2M
NZD$1,126.54Add to Cart
SKU: TE3AB2000G2.2U-12G69
Finish: Galvanised Under 2.2M
NZD$1,276.44Add to Cart
SKU: TE3AB2000G2.2O-12G69
Finish: Galvanised Over 2.2M
NZD$1,338.95Add to Cart
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Axle Straight Beam - 2000kg 4WD 6x5.5in pcd - Unbraked
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