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Caravan Breakaway Cable - Euro

If you have one of these fitted to your European Caravan, you don't need Safety Chains for your WOF

Fitted after early 2004 Fits most AL-KO braked couplings.

The purpose of a breakaway cable is to apply the trailers brakes if it becomes separated from the towing vehicle. Having done this, the cable assembly is designed to part, allowing the trailer to come to a halt away from the towing vehicle.

Fitting Instructions guide It’s vital that your breakaway cable is connected correctly as it is a legal requirement, and in an emergency may be called upon to activate your caravan brakes.

How to correctly attach your breakaway cable.

  1. Check that the cable runs as straight as possible and that it cannot snag on anything.
  2. Loop the cable around the back of the towball. Only attach the cable to the towball, not any other accessory, such as a bumper protector plate.
  3. Clip the cable back onto itself.
  4. Pull the cable to tighten the loop, so the cable is securely wrapped around the towball.
  5. Check the slack in the cable: there should be sufficient slack to allow the vehicle and trailer to articulate fully without causing the cable to become taught, applying the brakes, but not so much that the cable can drag on the ground.

Note - the cable comes with an open loop that attaches to the handbrake and needs to be "hammered" closed.


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ALKO Euro Breakaway Cable - 1m
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