Frequently Asked Questions

Product Price and Detail

If you want more Product detail when browsing the web page - you just need to Click on either -

fethiye web tasarım fethiye kadın doğum muğla kürtaj izmir kürtaj kürtaj istanbul fethiye otel fiyatları fethiye kiralık villa kürtaj edirne kürtaj

  1. The Photo Image.
  2. The Product Title.
  3. or the ! Details Button.
  4. You may also see a Related Documents Button, which will link you to any Technical  Documents related to the Product you are looking at.
  5. If you want to check the stock availability, then please use the Ask a Question tab in the bottom of the Product page 

By clicking on the Photo you may also get a larger Detailed Photo.

Happy Browsing 

Shipping to Australia and other destinations

We can and do ship products all around the world. But the freight can only be calculated manually for all destinations outside of New Zealand.

How to Order

All you need to do is select the item you want to purchase using the Shopping cart.
Select the number of items you want to purchase.

If you are a new Customer - then you need to enter your Billing Name and Address, plus your Shipping Delivery Address details.You can have up to 5 Shipping Addresses.

The Shipping Address Region you select, establishes the Freight Cost, so please ensure you use the correct Shipping Region from the drop down list. If you dont select the correct Shipping Region, this may delay the shipment until the correct costs have been paid.

Your order will be send on confirmation of your correct Payment by Courier, or in the case of larger/heavier, items by Truck.

How to pay

We have 3 Secure options for Payment.

  • Internet Banking - Payment confirmation is normally the next business day
  • Credit Card - via secure Stripe Payment
  • PayPal - credit card or account which is also for off shore payments.

Please Note; We do not have Credit Card or EFTPOS facilities on site - as we are not a Store.


As we are largely a web based operation, most of the parts we sell, will be sent to you direct from the warehouse.

If you are hoping to pick-up or pre-select parts, you will need to call us to check whether the parts you want are in our stock.

Technical Advice

There is a section of the web site with a collection of Technical Data which you are welcome to brouse and download.

If you are needing any technical advice regarding Trailers/UK Caravan Parts/Sensabrake Repairs please call me or email me.

Contact Details are in the website.