The Trojan duofit oil-dampened couplings are the only couplings that comply fully with the New Zealand standard for towball couplings NZS5232:1993 in all respects.

They are designed to suit 50mm and 1’’ 7/8 tow balls and The 2500kg rated couplings are suitable for trailers with a GVM of over 2500kg, are made from high-grade cast iron, and are coated significantly with corrosion protection for long-term maintenance-free use. A large range of spare parts is also available. These couplings are ideal for use on horse floats and caravans.

Note: These parts are for couplings manufactured after 1992.  If your coupling was manufactured pre: 1992 the seal kit TPT10571 should work if the shaft is in good condition.  Use AWS68 hydraulic oil.  Otherwise, you will need a new coupling T201670.


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Description Price
SKU: T993121
Description: 1 & 4: Head & Mainshaft Assembly
NZD$230.58Add to Cart
SKU: T993123
Description: 1-5: Head, Mainshaft & Handle Assembly
NZD$383.41Add to Cart
SKU: T993125
Description: 1-5 & 8: Head, Mainshaft, Handle & Damper Assembly
NZD$697.65Add to Cart
SKU: TPT1305
Description: 2-3: Head Assembly Kit
NZD$70.73Add to Cart
SKU: TPT1029
Description: 3: Trigger Assembly Kit
NZD$25.65Add to Cart
SKU: TPT1027
Description: 4: Anti Rattle Screw & Nut Kit - 1/2
NZD$26.11Add to Cart
SKU: TPT1028
Description: 4: Anti Rattle Screw 7 Nut - 16mm Thread
NZD$9.26Add to Cart
SKU: TPT1306
Description: 5: Lock Pin & Spring Kit - To Suit Duo Fit
NZD$52.04Add to Cart
SKU: TPT1032
Description: 6: Reverse Lock Kit
NZD$29.61Add to Cart
SKU: TPT1061
Description: 8: Collar & Screws
NZD$31.80Add to Cart
SKU: TR93946
Description: 9-13: Rear Frame, Rack & Handle Assembly
NZD$336.15Add to Cart
SKU: TPT1034
Description: 10-13: Park Brake Assembly
NZD$124.49Add to Cart
SKU: TPT1038
Description: 11: Plastic Grip
NZD$7.76Add to Cart
SKU: TPT10571
Description: 13: Damper Seal Kit - Includes all Seals
NZD$15.35Add to Cart
SKU: TPT1033
Description: 17: Damper Boot
NZD$16.45Add to Cart
SKU: TPT1051
Description: 18: Cross Head & Circlip Kit
NZD$7.71Add to Cart
SKU: TPT10631
Description: 19: Cross Head Kit - M10 Thread
NZD$39.68Add to Cart
SKU: TPT10391 (TP65750)
Description: 20: Master Cylinder Assembly - 3/4" Bore
NZD$68.66Add to Cart
SKU: TPT10392
Description: 20: Master Cylinder Assembly - 7/8" Bore
NZD$123.57Add to Cart
SKU: T993027
Description: Damper Cartridge Couplings
NZD$349.14Add to Cart
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Trojan Coupling - Duofit - Override Braked - Hydraulic Damper - Spare Parts
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