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SKU: TE12H3317-03
Hinge: 75 Long - 12mm pin
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SKU: TE12H3317-08
Hinge: 200 Long - 12mm pin
NZD$12.65Add to Cart
SKU: TE12H3317-12
Hinge: 305 Long - 12mm pin
NZD$15.75Add to Cart
SKU: TE12H3318-03
Hinge: 75 Long - 16mm pin
NZD$13.75Add to Cart
SKU: TE12H3318-12
Hinge: 305 Long - 16mm pin
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SKU: TE12H3318-18
Hinge: 457 Long - 16mm pin
NZD$27.35Add to Cart
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CM Tailgate - Hinge Straps Weld on
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