ClearView Towing Mirror - Mazda BT50 - Next Generation - NEW

MAZDA BT-50 Next Gen
BUILD YEARS 2012 TO 2020

From the best full replacement towing mirrors available in Australia and New Zealand, the Clearview Accessories range of products are built tough enough to handle whatever your next adventure is – on or off the road.

Patented Aussie designs. Massive warranties. Heavy-duty construction. Safety tested. Hassle-free returns – Clearview is the brand more Australians trust for top-quality towing and 4WD accessories. So look no further!

Options for Mazda BT50 

Chrome cover - Ordered separately
Indicators - Multi-signal module (if standard fitment)
Heated (if standard fitment)

Multi-signal Module

This module contains; Indicator light, Clearance light & a Puddle light. Next Generation Towing Mirrors have been designed to contain a 3-function module light so customers have the choice to hard wire Clearance lights or Puddle lights into the vehicle without the pre-existing feature.

Standard functions

 ELECTRIC - Electrically (Power) Adjustable Large Flat Mirror Glass


Because Clearview Towing Mirrors are a full replacement towing mirror, they are designed to use the existing holes, fittings and wiring as your existing set-up. Overall this means a stress-free fitting procedure. Just watch the DVD provided in every box and included on this website for an easy DIY installation.

How to fit videos are here

Our Price (including GST): NZD$1,100.00

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Mirror Features: Pair - Electric NZD$1,100.00 Add to Cart
Mirror Features: Pair - Multi-signal module, Electric NZD$1,190.00 Add to Cart
Mirror Features: Pair - Heated, Multi-signal module, Electric NZD$1,240.00 Add to Cart
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ClearView Towing Mirror - Mazda BT50 - Next Generation - NEW
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