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Are you planning a family camping trip in your caravan, or preparing for a big move in which your trailer is going to play a major role? If so, it’s important not to take safety and functionality for granted. Especially if your caravan/trailer hasn’t been used lately, you never know what kinds of damage may have taken root over time. At TrailerPartsOnline, we always advise our customers to ‘be knowledgeable and get there safely,’ rather than assume the best and end up dealing with an incident out on the road. We can help, too: with one of the largest selections of trailer parts and caravan parts in NZ, we can provide what you need to get back on the road or to guarantee the safety of your next big trek.



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How We Serve Our Customers

As our brand suggests, TrailerPartsOnline is an entirely online based business. We do not have a brick and mortar location anywhere in New Zealand. Instead, we serve our customers by shipping caravan and trailer parts throughout NZ and worldwide. You can explore our entire product range online, place an order and have what you need in just a matter of days. From there, you can go about repairing your caravan/trailer on your own or take the unit into a repair garage for a professional fix. Either way, you can enjoy the peace of mind of knowing you have the right part.

How can you know for sure that you are getting the right part, you may ask? Especially if you haven’t dealt with caravan or trailer repairs in the past, it can be difficult to know precisely what is wrong or how the problem should be fixed.

In addition to selling most of the well-known brands for trailer and caravan parts—including AL-KO, BPW, Trojan, CM Trailer, and Clearview Mirrors—TrailerPartsOnline also exists to assist customers like you in finding the answers they seek. We offer free technical advice and information through our website. With instructional manuals on file for all the parts we sell, we offer an extremely helpful knowledge base that you can use to choose the right part and even carry out the necessary repair on your own.

You can also contact us directly as you shop our store for caravan or trailer parts in NZ. Our employees are professional tradespeople with lengthy backgrounds in this industry. Several of them have been with us since we first launched our business 12 years ago. If you need help finding a product and aren’t sure where to start, just shoot us an email through our online contact form. We will be back in touch with you ASAP and will work hard to resolve your enquiries regarding our trailer and caravan parts in NZ.


Find USA, NZ, Australian or UK Caravan Parts in NZ

It goes without saying that TrailerPartsOnline stocks parts and components for NZ made caravans and trailers. But what if you have a caravan or boat trailer from a United States manufacturer, or a UK company? Can we still provide the assistance and products you need?

Rest easy. At TrailerPartsOnline, our interest in trailers and caravans is truly global. Whether you are seeking USA, Australian or UK caravan parts in NZ, we can help you find them. Contact us today to ask about a specific brand or model.