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    it's possible we maybe able to
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    Life is Good

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  • Free Technical Information

    Free Technical Information

    We now have a free extensive RV & Trailer technical Data library for your use and download.

    This Technical Data is from various major component manufacturers to assist you to make the correct decisions about your component selection and your RV maintenance.

    You will also find a Related Downloads tab in a lot of the Product Detail pages.

    Be Knowledgeable - Be Safe.

  • Sensabrake Upgrade

    Sensabrake Upgrade

    What value do you put on your braking ability?

    This winter we are offering to exchange your old Mk3 Sensabrake Actuators for the new upgraded AL-KO Sensabrake LT1000-EVO Actuator.

    Check out our offer in the Specials Page.

    Are you looking to upgrade your trailer hydraulic over-ride brakes?
    Have you considered the New AL-KO Sensabrake LT1000-E?
    This is a very well priced hydraulic braking system.

    Checkout the details inside.

  • Hi there - UK & European Caravan Owners

    Hi there - UK & European Caravan Owners

    Are you looking for a part or information about the brakes or coupling on your European Trailer/Caravan?

    There is a large (and increasing) section just for you - Caravan Parts.

    If you cant find what you want, contact us and we will try to locate the part for you.

Special offers

  • AL-KO IRS Beam Axle Complete with Hyd Disc Brakes 1000kg 2010mm Face to Face

    Regular price NZD$1,350.00
    Special price NZD$750.00

    Buy NowDetails
  • Road Trailer Kit Tandem Unbraked 2000kg

    Regular price NZD$1,587.00
    Special price NZD$995.00

    Buy NowDetails
  • AL-KO Axle Disc Braked Straight Beam Axle 1500kg 45mm Square x 1860 Face to Face

    Regular price NZD$950.00
    Special price NZD$595.00

    Buy NowDetails
  • Deck Master Rubber/Cork Grip Non Adhesive Marine Mat 1200x900x3

    Regular price NZD$120.00
    Special price NZD$90.00

    Buy NowDetails
  • Trailer Kit - Special 1500kg

    Regular price NZD$795.00
    Special price NZD$595.00

    Buy NowDetails
  • ATV Trailer Kit

    Regular price NZD$510.00
    Special price NZD$395.00

    Buy NowDetails
  • LED Number Plate Lamp

    Regular price NZD$25.00
    Special price NZD$15.00

    Buy NowDetails
  • Sensabrake Car Kit Only - Manual Pedal

    Regular price NZD$695.00
    Special price NZD$595.00

    Buy NowDetails
  • AL-KO Axle and Hubs 1500kg Galvanised 1860mm Face to Face

    Regular price NZD$420.00
    Special price NZD$250.00

    Buy NowDetails
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