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  • ALKO IRS Beam Axle Complete with Hubs 1000kg 2010mm Face to Face

    Regular price NZD$1,025.00
    Special price NZD$595.00

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  • Galvanised Wheel 14"x 6" + & Tyre 185R14C

    Regular price NZD$305.00
    Special price NZD$185.00

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  • Alloy Wheel & Tyre 185R14

    Regular price NZD$289.00
    Special price NZD$249.00

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  • ALKO IRS Beam Axle Complete with Hyd Disc Brakes 1750kg 2020mm Face to Face

    Regular price NZD$1,763.00
    Special price NZD$1,149.00

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  • ALKO Axle & Hubs 1750kg Galv 1505mm Face to Face

    Regular price NZD$420.00
    Special price NZD$250.00

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  • Galvanised Wheel 13"x 5" + & Tyre 175/70R13

    Regular price NZD$185.00
    Special price NZD$126.00

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  • Hub Stub Axle Kit 1500kg

    Regular price NZD$140.00
    Special price NZD$115.00

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  • Coupling Security Lock

    Regular price NZD$69.00
    Special price NZD$35.00

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  • Galvanised Wheel 15"x 7" + & Tyre 225/70R15

    Regular price NZD$396.00
    Special price NZD$295.00

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  • Coupling Lever 2500kg

    Regular price NZD$89.00
    Special price NZD$72.00

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  • Sensabrake  ALKO iQ7 Xtreme  Trade In Deal  Actuator Only

    Regular price NZD$1,800.00
    Special price NZD$1,695.00

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  • Galvanised Wheel 13"x 5" + & Tyre 195/50R13

    Regular price NZD$221.00
    Special price NZD$171.00

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